The watch system is a method of assigning regular periods of work duty aboard ships to allow the crew to effectively operate the vessel 24 hours a day for the duration of long voyages or operations. This system is even more important on the Ingenuity, due to the lack of natural day-night cycles on board the ship. While this system was intended to pertain exclusively to the crew, others on board the ship have begun to align themselves with one watch or the other in order to share a schedule with friends or loved ones.

The Watch System Edit

Time A B
00h00-04h00 WORK SLEEP
04h00-08h00 WORK SLEEP
08h00-12h00 BREAK WORK
12h00-16h00 WORK BREAK
16h00-20h00 SLEEP WORK
20h00-00h00 SLEEP WORK

Meals are scheduled around the watch turnovers at 08h00, 12h00, and 18h00, with a light meal provided at 00h00.

Watch Officers Edit

See below for the list of which crew members take which watch.


  • Mariel Omeda, captain
  • Isa Tiro, navigator
  • Rodion Cryn, communications officer
  • Erol Monson, security officer
  • Thio Tanomas, nurse
  • Martim Oros, cook
  • Orin Malric, cook
  • Siegard Mayer, janitor


  • Mora Volanti, executive officer
  • Jem Obels, navigator
  • Armande Fion, communications officer
  • Michia Geminox, security officer
  • Sora Le Bel, counselor
  • Renna Mae, cook
  • Ilenor Silvain, cook
  • Almira Pinzon, janitor