This page lists important events in Unda's history. It is intended as a supplement to IU History.

Calendar Edit

Most calendars were marked from year 0, the year in which the IU was founded. The IU New Year was celebrated on the first day of year 0, and is also the day of the celebration of the foundation of the IU. The calendar is further divided into ten months and six week days, the names of which were formed in anticipation of the standardization of calendars that began when the IU officially formed. The month names were formed by distilling the Ilonan and Tekali words for the numbers from one to ten, and the days of the week were taken almost directly from Tekal, with some orthographic changes for easier pronunciation.

The months in order are: Premsin, Deuz, Rosdrei, Trevier, Infun, Sisech, Setiben, Hacht, Neuve, and Desen.

The days of the week in order are: Enstag, Veitag, Rittag, Fierstag, Funstag, and Sestag.

Timeline Edit

-1100 : Representatives from Tekal, Ilona, and Ilesar first begin to gather on Pax to trade during calmer months. The islands come to meet twice a year, once during the winters of each hemisphere. These gatherings were celebrations, competitions, opportunities to trade, and chances to exchange ideas.

-163 : The islands agree to join forces to explore the rest of the planet, first reaching the shores of Laku to the northeast.

-152 : Laku and its neighboring island Helmi join the biannual meetings on Pax.

-83 : The collective sails to the northwest and reach Chanost and Merraska.

-59 : The collective sails to the east and discover Adari, mutually agreeing upon limited contact between the two groups going forward.

-20 : The collective sails to the west of Merraska to discover the island of Caalgen, landing on the southern tip of the island.

-14 – -10 : The First Great War breaks out between Caalgen and Bhalua against what was to become the Island Union over failed negotiations concerning coal purchases. Caalgen and Bhalua are incorporated into the alliance.

0 : Founding of the Island Union (IU).

Unda map

131 : Turning their eyes to the south, the IU reach Griesh, and agree to respect the request of the island's leaders to leave them be.

157 : The IU reach and incorporate Lornith.

183 : The IU reach and commence trade with Nezuma and Skobra.

289 – 304 : The Representation Incident results in a rewriting of IU bylaws in favor of increased equality among member nations.

399 : The IU begins dumping waste on Pleoh.

411 – 417 : The War of the Atolls results in the forced incorporation of Nezuma and Skobra into the IU, although not as member states.

518 : The Ingenuity is launched.