Tekal (teh-CALL) was an island in the northern hemisphere.  It was a founding member of the Island Union (IU).

History Edit

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Tekal was in contact with Ilona and Ilesar as far back as -1100.  Their meetings on Pax to trade transformed into a biannual celebration. In -163, the trio agreed to join forces to explore the planet. Over the course of the following centuries, they would make contact with the other islands on Unda and form the basis of the IU.

The first conflict involving Tekal occurred from -14 to -10 in the First Great War.

Tekal took part in the Representation Incident (289–304) on the side of the Southern Alliance.

Government and Economy Edit

Citizens of age were required to pass a civics test before being allowed to vote in elections or hold public office. Low-level government jobs were appointed based on exam performance. Eligible candidates for legislative, executive and judiciary positions were voted on by the citizenry. The executive branch was comprised of a President and several department heads, and there was a bicameral legislature.

This civics exam has been noted for its effectiveness in creating positive leadership, leading other islands such as Lornith to emulate the concept to varying degrees.

Culture and Values Edit

On Tekal, a basic level of numeracy, literacy, and civic knowledge was considered very important. The traditional idea that people should do what they were best at had carried over into the modern age, however, and after the elementary level, schooling was split into trade schools and research institutions, referred to as either a "TS" or an "RI" respectively. Students frequently refers to themselves with those abbreviations.

On Tekal, gender traditionally had very little to do with what jobs people ended up in: they just did what they were good at and interested in, provided they could find someone willing to take them on as an apprentice. The modern-day IU meritocratic system is loosely based on these Tekali ideals.

Language Edit

Cosprak was the official language of Tekal. Tekali was seen as unnecessary for function in everyday life, but was studied by those with the time or inclination, and so was spoken by a small percentage of the population. IU Sign Language (IUSL) was used by the Tekali Deaf community.

Notable People and Locations Edit

  • Meerstadt, home to both the Meerstadt Trade School (MTS), the premiere trade school on the island, and the Meerstadt Research Institute (MRI).