This page documents the existence and creation of various technologies on Unda.

Transportation Edit

Increasing the speed of maritime transportation was the most significant driving force behind the development of transportation on Unda. and transportation was both a more difficult task (due to the mountains on most islands) and one that was for many years seen to be of less importance. It was often faster to ship goods or people around to the other side of the island than to navigate through the mountains. Consequently, efforts tended to be focused on getting goods (such as the coal mined in Caalgen) out of the mountains. Transportation for flatter terrain was best-developed on Griesh, and technology on Griesh has been recreated on Pax and elsewhere.

Health care Edit

Studies about drugs and other treatments were the most likely studies to receive IU funding, as were long-term analyses of various factors on development. A lot of research was done on what to eat and how to raise children for best results. Similarly, a great deal of scientific effort was put into how to extend the productive lifespan of Undan citizens. However, there was less effort put into remedies and care for the elderly. (This was not true on Adari, where elders were often respected members of society whose passing was much mourned.) There was health care available, but it was not the focus of research and development. Surgical robots were common, and preventative care was stressed, though Undan society often turned a blind eye to the effects of stress and overwork on well-being.

Computers Edit

An early motivation for the development of calculation machines was navigation. The potential of this for mapping and tracking the movement of goods was quickly seen, and that functionality was rapidly developed. Various tools to streamline project management followed, and the more communication-oriented were expanded into Unda's social media (see below).

Communication Edit

On individual islands, communication by post was used for many years. Faster communication methods were developed first for inter-island communication needs, and seahorse mail took a while to fall out of fashion. As of the departure of the Ingenuity, letters had long since become a relic of the past. Social media existed on a very local level (this was where it got its start, see above), at the level of islands, at the level of the IU, and for all of Unda. Scientific literature and other academic papers were accessible to anyone in a member nation. After a great deal of debate, online wikis were made accessible to the whole world, and people on Nezuma and Skobra put a lot of effort into translating it into their native languages.