Storm Stories was a twelve-episode podcast series. The podcast was primarily a series of interviews, with most episodes containing two interviews, and a few containing only one. There is very little editing or effects; instead, the episodes consist largely of the interviewee speaking, sharing their experiences as victims of storms, primarily Killick Two. Occasionally, the interview is interrupted by the interviewer's voice, but for the most part, the interviewer is not present. No name appears in the audio, advertisements, or credits, but several interviewees address the interviewer as "Armande".

Reception Edit

The podcast was not massively popular, even on Ilona, its island of origin. Many people derided it for being "sensationalist" and "reactionary", claiming that it unnecessarily exaggerated the effects of the storms on people's lives, particularly since all of the interviewees had continued on to become successful members of society. There were, however, also many dedicated fans who believed that, even if radical environmental policy change was not necessarily needed, it was essential to share the often-silenced stories of the storms.