After the decision to allow shuttle separation on M.D. 557, a number of efforts were made to ensure that those aboard the shuttle have maximum access to the information on board the Ingenuity.

  1. Direct data transfer.
    • Immediately following the decision, Saturnina Sardeya (Head of the Sarcoponics), in conjuction with the engineering team, facilitated database syncing between the shuttle's computer systems and that of the Ingenuity. This process ensured transfer of all ship records and scientific data to the shuttle. Mx. Sardeya also facilitated transfer of files and notes from her personal collection, as well as those of many other contributors.
  2. Long-range communication efforts.
    • In collaboration with Communications Officers Fion and Cryn, efforts are being made to send periodic data dumps to the shuttle, containing personal updates, new scientific data, and donations of entertainment material. Current plans have these updates being broadcast several times, with varying frequencies and data structures to minimize data corruption and increase the chances of successful reception.
  3. Post exo-planet communication plans.
    • Communications Officer Cryn plans to research long-range communication possibilities between Unda and the Exoplanet in the hope of re-establishing contact.

All of those who left with the shuttle are sincerely missed, but the Ingenuity will continue to support them as much as possible. If they fail in their mission, let it not be for lack of information or lack of love. May the wind be ever at their backs.

Contributors are welcome to comment on this archive entry to record what they have sent to the shuttle. -Saturnina Sardeya