The Representation Incident (289-304) was a conflict between eight of the ten member islands of the Island Union (IU).

Background Edit

A series of expeditions were mounted to the poles from 240-280, primarily for the purpose of scientific research. A great deal was learned on these trips, but they also served as the catalyst for a time of unrest.  

The scientists on these missions were disproportionately from Tekal and to some degree Ilona and Ilesar. Objections to this inequality were spearheaded by Laku, but they were by no means alone. Requests for more equitable awarding of positions went unanswered, and the conflict became violent. Starting in 289, soldiers from Laku, Helmi, Merraska, Chanost intermittently clashed with soldiers from Tekal, Ilona, Ilesar, and Lornith, with Caalgen remaining neutral. Bhalua faced intense pressure from both sides to join their cause, and ultimately decided to remain neutral as well.

Conflict Edit

This conflict was not so much an unending war as it was an intermittent series of battles. While the alliance led by Laku had the upper hand, it ended not so much in surrender but in a reluctant acknowledgement from Tekal that their resources would be better spent elsewhere.

Aftermath Edit

The Treaty of 304 codified a system through which future government, research, and art would be more truly collaborative. Scientists, artists, etc. were chosen to go to Pax by their respective nations. Students can spend a year of their education at the University of Pax, and the terms of others (such as professors) vary from one to four years.