Merraska (mare-AH-ska) was an Island Union (IU) member island in the northern hemisphere.

History Edit

Merraska and Chanost had been in contact since the -900s. Merraska was first discovered by the IU, along with Chanost, in -83.

Crops were traditionally grown near the river in the southeast corner of the island.

Merraska sided with Laku as part of the Northern Alliance in the Representation Incident.

Government and Economy Edit

Merraska had a single elected executive official and an elected legislative body. High-ranking government positions were largely also elected.

The population distribution of the island was different from many other IU nations. Whereas many other islands were largely centered around their capital city, Merraska had a larger number of medium-sized cities. The island's temperate climate and beautiful seascapes made it a tourist destination for citizens from all over Unda, and tourism played a notable part in the nation's economy.

The island's largest port, Hirotsu, had become increasingly polluted as of the departure of the Ingenuity, as a result of the emissions of the many ships in the harbour.

Culture and Values Edit

The notion that what we do goes beyond our individual achievements was a driving force in Merraskan culture. Continuing the work of an adviser, parent, or colleague rather than striking out in a completely new direction was not uncommon, and the importance of collaboration was emphasized in schools. Unlike most other nations in the IU, adherence to tradition and ritual as well as caution towards change are central to the Merraskan national identity.

Language Edit

Cosprak and Merraskan were both official languages of Merraska. Cosprak was used in schools and many workplaces, but both languages were used in home and in social settings, and most parents sent their children to Merraskan lessons after the school day. IU Sign Language (IUSL) was used by the Merraskan Deaf community.

Notable People and Locations Edit

  • The University of Rangabe