Living with Gemma is a Caalgen sitcom television series that first premiered on ZEST!, an IU commercial broadcast television network.  Developed by Dolara Goodwitt under the title A Girl’s World, the series is centered around a quirky cheerleader named Gemma (Gemma Terras) who skips, flips, and leaps through her time at Crescent High School with the help of her best friend Mina (Lorilee Mondee), her brother Willian (Fallon Thoward) and of course her adorkable boyfriend Shad (Brion Yannick); Gemma’s mother (Mallara Evercreech) and father (Mani Andez) also make frequent appearances. The show combines sitcom and drama elements as the young protagonists deal with budding relationships and the realities of growing up. 

Episodes are mainly anchored around Gemma’s wild adventures and misdoings that often arise from her caring nature and reluctance to say no to a friend in need.  The pilot episode featured Gemma’s struggles with trying to make 1000 chocolate chip cookies for the Crescent High bake sale! Similar antics follow her throughout the eight seasons like the time she told Shad she’d go on a date with him the same time she promised Mina she’d attend her book club (AKA my favorite episode).

Gemma Terras was considered the show’s breakout star in season 1, going on to have an illustrious film career. Despite criticism by totally lame old people, Living with Gemma received 4 Indigo Awards, proving that the show is obviously the best of all time.