Griesh (gree-ESH) was an island in the southern hemisphere.

History Edit

Until their first contact with the Island Union (IU) in 131, Griesh was not in contact with any other islands. At the time, the people were self-sustaining and not interested in involving themselves internationally. The IU's leaders accepted their request to leave them be rather than integrate the island into the union.

Following the War of the Atolls (411—417), many residents of Nezuma and Skobra fled to of Griesh to avoid living under the control of the IU.

Government and Economy Edit

The government of Griesh is best described as a bureaucracy. Representatives are elected by popular vote to serve in a single legislative body, the Council of Griesh. The leader of the council was the Prime Minister, who was elected to serve 7-year terms by the members of the council.

Rather than being elected directly to the position, secretaries were appointed by the Prime Minister to lead major governmental departments. In the case of an emergency in which the Prime Minister is unable to lead government, there was a lengthy line of succession to ensure the security and leadership of the nation. As of present, Melor Terrek (the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development) is the only known survivor in the line of succession.

The sea was deeply tied to both the Grieshi economy and the Grieshi spirit. Even after the launch of The Ingenuity, many relied on the fishing or trading industries as sources of revenue. With economic development, however, had also come work in manufacturing for the unskilled, and work in management for the educated. Griesh had highly advanced land transport, the plans for which were sold to the IU for use on Pax, Merraska, and elsewhere.

Culture and Values Edit

Grieshi are often harbor conflicting opinions towards Griesh. Most regarded the deep cultural differences which divided Griesh and IU member nations as a source of pride, while simultaneously viewing IU culture and language as a necessary means for advancement.

Education for its own sake had always been highly valued on Griesh. As the center of education shifted to the IU heartland on Pax, Ilesar, and Ilona, an increasing stream of Grieshi students flowed there as well, sent by parents seeking the best future for their children.

The large émigré population from Nezuma and Skobra was composed mostly of dissidents from the IU. As a result, an active anti-IU movement haf fermented in exile over the past century. Many native Grieshi sympathized with their dislike of IU hegemony, but were careful to view the issue from both perspectives.

Language Edit

The official language of Griesh was Grieshi. That being said, the kind of parent who dreams of sending their child to the University of Pax would sent them to schools where Cosprak is used, and speak to them only in Cosprak.