As of the departure of the Ingenuity, the effects of climate change had melted substantial portions of the polar caps and caused significant sea level rise. Nezuma and Skobra had been significantly affected, as was Adari, with substantial destruction of property and loss of life. Most islands had made some attempt to shore up the coastline or move inward. Additionally, the frequency and intensity of storms had increased over the past several decades.

Scientists were unsure precisely how the changes to Unda would continue to unfold, and there were a number of conflicting ideas about what might happen next. Public opinion on the topic varied from island to island, but environmental organisations like Unda Blue were definitely concerned that action was not being taken fast enough. Their concerns were most prominent in places where the prevailing opinion was that measures to combat climate change would hamper productivity. This was made worse by the fact that a significant portion of greenhouse gas emissions were from the movement of goods from island to island.